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Trade House

The Ukraine Afghan Trade House, established and registered in Ukraine and Afghanistan, is the first non-profit socio-political intergovernmental association established by politicians and businessmen of Ukraine and Afghanistan to establish strong political, economic and economic ties between friendly states.

The main tasks of joint work are to increase trade between Ukrainian and Afghan business, strengthen political stability and friendship, as well as military-technical cooperation.



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"Dear and esteemed Ukrainian friends. I would like to greet you and the Ukrainian people on behalf of the President of the Islamic Repablic of Afghanistan Ashraf Gany and "Gazanfar group", the people of Afghanistan and myself. I am very pleased and glad to learn about the creation of the first Ukrainian-Afghani trading house in Ukraine. This is our first joint real step to create a joint economy of our states. My friends and I in Afghanistan support the creation of this trading house, and we will definitely become its participants. I am very pleased with our joint steps to establish cooperation between our banks. I look forward to meeting and meeting you."

Ismail Gazanfar Adviser of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for Trade, Economics and Finance

" My dear friends, I congratulate you on the creation of the Ukrainian-Afghan trading house. At this difficult moment for Ukraine, you were able to unite efforts to strengthen economic and friendly ties between the peoples of our countries. I hope that your work has been of great benefit to our cooperation. I will provide any assistance in the development of our Trading House."

Stepan Kubiv People's Deputy of Ukraine / Verkhovna Rada

" Dear and esteemed Ukrainian friends. I would like to greet you and the Ukrainian people on behalf of the Wolesi Jirga of Afghanistan and myself It is good that you have created a Ukrainian-Afghan trading house in Ukraine. I and my friends in Afghanistan support you on your way. I am very pleased that we are jointly establishing cooperation between businessmen of our countries. I am proud of my brother Valery and appreciate his work. He has always supported Ukrainian-Afghan relations. We are waiting for you."

Mohammd Arif Noorzai Deputy of Afghanistan / Wolesi Jirga


Latest News



Ukrainian-Afghan Aviation news

The Ukraine Afghan Trade House and Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine are preparing for signing a Memorandum on the creation of an aviation repair base in Afghanistan and participation in a public-private partnership to create and operation of a joint aviation company. Partners and participants of this project are «Ghazanfar Group» (Afghanistan) , engineering aviation company «Energy systems and equipment» (Ukraine), «Arctic Group» aviation company (Ukraine), aviation company «Stratus» (USA), corporation «Ukrainian Center for Expertise and Certification of Aviation Equipment» (Ukraine). This project received the support and approval of His Exelence President Ashraf Ghani and the Government of Afghanistan. Signing of the main documents and the start of work is scheduled for March 2021



Solving Food Security Problems.

The Ukrainian-Afghan Trading House with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture with the participation of the Governments of Afghanistan and the Republic of Turkmenistan is preparing for signing a Memorandum on the establishment in the Republic of Turkmenistan of a common food company in the port of "Turkmenbashi" and a joint venture for the production of chicken meat and build incubator the city of Mazar-i-Sharif Afghanistan. The participants of this project are Ghazanfar Group (Afghanistan), Agromars agricultural complex (Ukraine), Melitopol Oil Extraction Plant (Ukraine), AP Complex Company (Ukraine) and other agricultural enterprises of Ukraine , Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. The preparation and signing of the documents is scheduled for April 2021.



Gemstones and Gemmetall. Building modern industrial complexes in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

Jewelery and Gemstones Company “Valery Roberman”, Diamonds Company “Gemstone Service Co” and the Public Union “Ukrainian-Afghan Trade House” together with “Ghazanfar Group” and “Azizi Development Group” and other enterprises of Ukraine and Afghanistan plan to build modern industrial complexes for the extraction, processing of precious stones, precious metals and the production of the best jewelry in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. In April-May, the official delegation of the Public Union "Ukrainian-Afghan Trade House" plans to visit Kabul and Ashgabat to conduct final negotiations and sign an agreement on the creation of a joint venture in Kabul.


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